Manual, fine, natural looking hair strokes that create a more enhanced eyebrow look. Pigment is implanted under skin with a handheld tool. Semi-permanent solution for over waxed, threaded and thinning brows. Most suitable for dry/ normal skin. Results tend to last 1-3 years, but varies from person to person. Touch-up and close aftercare required for best results.

ombre powder brows

Digital method of micro-pigmentation that gives a simulated eyebrow hair effect. A machine is used to create a powdered filled ombré makeup look. This creates a more finished look that may not require any additional brow makeup, but varies on the individual's preference. Suitable for all skin types. Less invasive option for those with sensitive skin. Results tend to last 2-3 years, but varies. Touch-up and close aftercare required for best results.

Combination brows

A combination of both a powdered and hair stroke effect to create a natural front brow along with a more defined arch and tail. This technique uses a handheld tool and a machine. Results tend to last 1-3 years, but varies from person to person. Touch-up and close aftercare required for best results.

touch-up appointment

Necessary session that takes place 4-6 weeks after first session. Brows are retouched, refined and perfected to ensure long-lasting colour retention. Pigment colour may be fine-tuned, brow thickness may be revamped and thin strokes may be added to certain areas. Close aftercare required for best results. Failure to book a touch-up session is highly unadvised.

classic lash extensions

Service that involves the attachment of one lash extension to one natural eyelash. This is the traditional 1:1 ratio type of lash extension application using a medical-grade bonding adhesive. Great for individuals who already have full lashes but are opting for more length and/ or slightly more drama. Refill bookings are taken place 2-3 weeks upon initial appointment. A minimum of 40% of lashes required to be considered a refill or else it is subject to a full set charge.

lash lift and tint

This service uplifts and curls natural lashes starting from the base, making them stand out and appear longer. The tint provides a lash defining effect. Overall, this service uplifts one's eye, makes lashes look longer, can eliminate the use of an eyelash curler & mascara and reduces the look of tired eyes. Great alternative for those that are not a fan of the commitment of lash extensions and opt for the upmost natural enhancements. Suitable for all lash types. Simple aftercare and mascara can be applied on top of lashes, if desired. Typically lasts 5-8 weeks, but varies based on individual.

Henna Brows

A painless form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain beneath the brow hairs. Henna is a natural dye and generally produces longer lasting results. This service is an ideal stepping stone to more permanent eyebrow procedures.

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